free [frē]
freer, freest [ME fre < OE freo, not in bondage, noble, glad, illustrious, akin to Ger frei, Du vrij < IE base * prei-, to be fond of, hold dear > FRIEND, Sans priyá-, dear, desired]
a) not under the control of some other person or some arbitrary power; able to act or think without compulsion or arbitrary restriction; having liberty; independent
b) characterized by or resulting from liberty
a) having, or existing under, a government that does not impose arbitrary restrictions on the right to speak, assemble, petition, vote, etc.; having civil and political liberty [a free people]
b) not under control of a foreign government
3. able to move in any direction; not held, as in chains, etc.; not kept from motion; loose
4. not held or confined by a court, the police, etc.; acquitted
5. not held or burdened by obligations, debts, discomforts, etc.; unhindered; unhampered [free from pain]
6. at liberty; allowed [free to leave at any time]
7. not confined to the usual rules or patterns; not limited by convention or tradition [free verse]
8. not literal; not exact [a free translation]
9. not held or confined by prejudice or bias
10. not restricted by anything except its own limitations or nature [free will]
11. not busy or not in use; available for other work, use, etc.
12. readily done or made; spontaneous [a free offer]
13. not constrained or stilted; easy and graceful [a free gait]
a) generous; liberal; lavish [a free spender]
b) profuse; copious
15. frank; straightforward
16. too frank or familiar in speech, action, etc.; forward; indecorous
17. with no charge or cost; gratis [a free ticket]
18. not liable to (trade restrictions, etc.); exempt from certain impositions, as taxes or duties
19. clear of obstructions; open and unimpeded [a free road ahead]
20. open to all; esp., without restrictions as to trade [a free market, free port]
21. not in contact or connection; not fastened [the free end of a rope]
22. not united; not combined [free oxygen]
23. not opposed; favorable: said of a wind blowing from a direction more than six points from straight ahead
24. Games additional; extra [a free turn]
25. Jazz designating or of improvisation unrestricted by set harmonic structure, rhythmic patterns, tempo, etc.
26. Linguis. designating a minimum form, or morpheme, that may occur alone as an independent word [inboys,boy is a free form, but -s is not]: opposed to BOUND2 (adj. 8)
freer, freest
1. without cost or payment
2. in a free manner; without obstruction, burden, obligation, etc.
3. Naut. with a favorable wind
freed, freeing
to make free; specif.,
a) to release from bondage or arbitrary power, authority, obligation, etc.
b) to clear of obstruction, entanglement, etc.; disengage
☆ for free
Informal without cost or payments; gratis
free and easy
not constrained by formality or conventionality; informal; unceremonious
free from or free of
1. lacking; without
2. released or removed from
3. beyond; outside of
free up
to release, or make available, for use [to free up funds]
give a free hand or have a free hand
to give (or have) liberty to act according to one's judgment
make free with
1. to use or treat as if one owned; use freely
2. to take liberties with
set free
to cause to be free; release; liberate
with a free hand
with generosity; lavishly
SYN.- FREE is the general term meaning to set loose from any sort of restraint, entanglement, burden, etc. [to free a convict, one's conscience, etc. ]; RELEASE, more or less interchangeable with FREE, stresses a setting loose from confinement, literally or figuratively [release me from my promise ]; LIBERATE emphasizes the state of liberty into which the freed person or thing is brought [to liberate prisoners of war ]; EMANCIPATE refers to a freeing from the bondage of slavery or of social institutions or conventions regarded as equivalent to slavery [emancipated from medieval superstition ]; DISCHARGE, in this connection, implies a being permitted to leave that which confines or restrains [discharged at last from the army ] -ANT. RESTRAIN, BIND, CONFINE

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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